Engagement Policy

Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.

We engage in constructive dialogue (engagement) with companies and organizations that issue stocks and bonds ("companies, etc.") based on the following policies.


  • We recognize the importance of constructive dialogue (engagement) with companies and others in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities.
  • We will strive to accurately grasp the fundamentals of companies and share our perceptions, including non-financial aspects, as well as financial aspects.
  • In order to improve the medium-to long-term value and sustainability of corporations and other entities, we believe it is important to appropriately allocate profits to all stakeholders.
  • We will not encourage the provision of insider information, including material non-public information, at the time of dialogue. In the event we obtain such information, we will handle it appropriately and request the company to disclose it promptly.

Perspectives emphasized in dialogue

On corporate strategy

  • Concept behind the corporate philosophy, management policies and initiatives for instilling them throughout the company
  • Clarification of value creation processes, business models and vision for the future
  • Approach to determining business domains and allocating management resources

On dialogue and disclosure with investors

  • Basic approach to IR
  • Approaches to timely and fair disclosure
  • Initiatives for dialogue and disclosure from a medium-to long-term perspective
  • Initiatives for providing opportunities for dialogue with various divisions

On Environmental, Social, Governance(ESG)

Key issues Specific points
Information disclosure
Environmental Climate change Greenhouse gas emissions
Responding to climate change risk
Energy transition
Natural Capital Environmental pollution
Resource conservation
Social Social responsibility Contributing toward the building of a healthy,safe society
Supply chain management
Human capital Enhancing the value of human capital
Governance Measures aimed at corporate value enhancement Governance framework
Risk management
Improving capital efficiency

Requests to companies, etc. for constructive dialogue

  • We may present management strategy proposals (business, finance, and governance) that we consider effective from the perspective of improving medium-to long-term value and sustainability. We do not require that these proposals be adopted, but they are presented as reference information.
  • The materials we present may contain references to future figures and content. This is based on information we recognize at the time of preparation of the materials, and we do not intend to suggest or guarantee future results.
  • The materials we present are prepared from sources that we believe to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness.
  • In principle, we record dialogue with companies and other entities as audio in order to verify whether or not corporate-related information has been acquired. The audio records will be properly managed by our Compliance Department.