ESG Investment Policy

Daiwa Asset Management will contribute to the medium-to long-term asset growth of our clients through our asset management business. To achieve this objective, it is essential not only to select appropriate investment assets such as stocks and bonds, but also to improve the medium- to long-term value and sustainability of the companies and organizations that issue them (hereinafter referred to as "companies"), and at the same time, to maintain the sustainability of society. In order to enhance longer term corporate value and sustainability, it is necessary to maintain good responsibility for the environment (E) and society (S) under appropriate corporate governance (G), which we believe will also contribute to building a sustainable society.

We place high importance on ESG in terms of our investment process.

ESG Investment policy
  • Through our asset management business, we will provide all investors with the opportunities to invest in companies that are proactively addressing ESG and SDGs issues, as well as contributing to building a sustainable society.
  • We believe the companies‘ ESG initiatives can lead them to grow in the medium–to-long-term and reduce risks. We will consider these measurements in terms of our investment decisions.
  • Through constructive dialogue with the investee companies, we call for proactive ESG initiatives and share ESG issues. We will support them to maintain sustainable growth and longer-term corporate value.

In accordance with the above policy, we consider the following matters to be the most important ESG issues, ones which we will strive to understand accurately and will endeavor to share awareness of the status of not only companies but also the industry as a whole.

ESG key issues Specific point
Disclosure item  
Environmental Climate Change Greenhouse gas emissions
Response to climate change risk
Natural Capital Environmental pollution
Resource conservation
Social Social responsibility Contributing to healthy and secure society
Supply chain management
Human capital Effective utilization of human capital
Corporate Governance Measures aimed at corporate value enhancement Governance framework
Risk Management
Improving capital efficiency

We signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing ("Principles for Responsible Investment" (PRIs)) as soon as it was published in May 2006. In addition, we have taken the lead in making ESG investments, including the first exchange listing ETFs in Japan linked to the index that incorporates ESG evaluations. Upon the above policy, we will continue engaging in ESG investment proactively.