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Product list

We manage over 550 investment trusts, investing in global and Japanese equities, bonds, and REITs. Some representative funds are listed below.

Fund Fund Coverage
Daiwa Japan Supporter Vol.3 -Phoenix Japan
Daiwa Ryusei Japan Stock Open
Daiwa Value Stock Open
Daiwa Japan High Dividend Stock Fund
Daiwa New Generation Growth Fund
Daiwa Emerging Company Equity Fund
Daiwa Financial New Generation Fund
Daiwa Asia Buying Power Fund
Daiwa Rising Thailand Equity fund
Daiwa Rising ASEAN Equity fund
Daiwa China Fund
Daiwa Dynamic Indian Stock Fund
Daiwa Nippon-kokusai Fund (Maitsuki Bunpai Gata)
Daiwa Global Bond Fund North America, Europe, Oceania
Daiwa Foreign Bond Fund North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, Africa
High-Grade Oceania Bond Open
Daiwa J-REIT Fund

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Risk of the fund

  • · Fund has price-fluctuation risk, as it invests in stocks, bonds, REITS and FOREX, it could face impact of market volatility. Principal investment in this fund is not guaranteed and contains a possibility of loss.
  • · As each fund is set with different investment fundamentals, objectives and goals, risk factors of each fund may vary to a great extent. For complete details, please read the investment brochure on the Japanese website.

Fee Structure

  • · Explanation of fee structure, which are to be borne by the investors of this fund. Direct Costs
    • ♦ Application Fee : Upper Limit is 3.24% (including Tax)
    • ♦ Cancellation Fee : Upper Limit is 1.296% (including Tax)
    • ♦ Partical Redemption Charge : Upper Limit is 0.5%
  • · Indirect Fee during investment period
    • ♦ Fund Managing Fee : Upper Limit is 2.5528% (including Tax)
    • ♦ Others : Auditing fee, Trading fee, and charges collected by the custodian abroad are included in this category. (As some costs are charged on cases by case basis, depending on then exiting circumstances, due to that factor fee limits are not mentioned here.)
  • · Fee structure mentioned here is common to all funds we manage, for explanation purposes highest possible fee structure is mentioned. Please note that each fund has its own set fee structure.
  • · For details, please find at Investment brochure (or prospectus) on the Japanese website.
  • · Advisory fee is not mentioned here, because investment or service contents may differ depending on the contracts.

Our Service

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